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Please read
before submitting your test:
  • Submit each test separately using this form

  • Video your ride in arena marked with letters

  • Start your video by announcing your name, horses name, an the test you are riding

  • Arena must be 20 x 40m or 20 x 60m

  • Video must be taken at “C” facing centerline

  • Do not video into the sun or bright light

  • Video should be taken in "landscape" format not "portrait"

  • Video cannot be edited

  • Callers are allowed

  • Horse and rider must always be visible

  • Casual attire allowed - no tanks or shorts

  • Helmets  required

  • Once you upload your video you must return to the website screen to submit and pay

  • Purchases are non-refundable

Submit & Pay 

There is 2 ways to submit your video.  By "uploading your video now" button or entering a YouTube link.   Once you submit your video you must return to the website screen to Pay & Submit to complete your entry.  

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Submit Your Test
Choose how you would like to download your video file.
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Pay now with PayPal

Thanks for submitting!

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